"O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done." 

- Walt Whitman.

Whenever a public figure dies, it’s hard to know what to say. None (or very few) of us ever knew him personally, but Robin Williams inspired and moved so many of us through his work. I wanted to do some small thing to acknowledge that.

See you later, President Fartfeathers.

Finished version. Love these too so much. Background? What background?

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Finally saw this movie, I can’t believe it took me so long. I guess I wasn’t expecting the story to be that good but boy was I wrong. Here’s a WIP of some fanart to celebrate. 

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"how, how can it be
that a love carved out of caring
fashioned by fate
could suffer so hard?”


Started rereading Fruits Basket a few weeks to a month ago. Tears everywhere.

A last-minute addition to my final portfolios for college applications. Drawn at the café my family and I traditionally visit on my sister’s birthday. My first real attempt at a full-background digital illustration, and I’m very pleased.

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Uh-oh, winging it again.


Drew this ages ago, back when Clara first arrived. Feels appropriate. Goodbye, Raggedy Man.

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A super-DUPER-uper delayed birthday (and now Christmas) present for the awesome and amazing Kuri. I’m sorry it took me so long!! But I hope you like it. Miss you. <3

A friend commissioned me to draw a flip-card for her sister for Christmas. Got to listen to two really long and excellent interviews with Tom Hiddleston while working on it. Win/win.

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Legolas stepping on dwarves was the best thing.